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The Most Important Hour

By March 31, 2021August 5th, 2022No Comments

This is surely true of the practice of daily quiet time and journaling. A.W. Simpson didn’t become a hero of our faith accidentally and we won’t fulfill God’s plan for our lives that way either. This life is very short, eternity is very long. Feed the one with the greatest reward. Begin your day with the end in mind, the real end, and keep first things first.

“The highest spiritual condition is one where life is spontaneous and flows without effort, like the deep floods of Ezekiel’s river, where the struggles of the swimmer ceased, and he was borne by the current’s resistless force. So God leads us into spiritual conditions and habits which become the spontaneous impulses of our being, and we live and move in the fulness of the divine life. But these spiritual habits are not the outcome of some transitory impulse, but are often slowly acquired and established. They begin, like every true habit, in a definite act of will, and they are confirmed by the repetition of that act until it becomes a habit. The first stages always involve effort and choice. We have to take a stand and hold it steadily, and after we have done so a certain time, it becomes second nature, and carries us by its own force. The Holy Spirit is willing to form such habits in every direction of our Christian life, and if we will but obey Him in the first steps of faith, we will soon become established in the attitude of obedience, and duty will be delight.”

Resolutions that can have eternal benefit should top our lists and require the engagement of God’s Spirit.

A.W. Simpson