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In our contemporary church experience, we have fallen into following habitual or traditional rules and been lulled to think that they equal full participation in Body life. Sunday morning Sunday School and church, church again on Wed, Night. Give a tithe and go to a weekly Bible study. What else could God ask? Right? No, sorry, wrong! Way wrong!

We are called to walk in The Spirit. We think of a “walk” as something that we do occasionally, but the Bible means something far greater. Our “walk” is our 24/7 life – all of it. All of it in The Spirit of Jesus. Jesus’ life in us, as us, through us. Not segregated or broken into parts, but so integrated that we are totally “leavened”. In a loaf of bread, there is no part where the leaven isn’t. In the sea, there is no place that the salt isn’t. So our lives are to be with The Spirit and His Lordship and direction. Jesus is Lord of all or He is not Lord at all.

The world and most contemporary church members scoff at this idea. Jesus doesn’t scoff. He calls us to abide in Him. What does the word “abide” mean to you? Is it to visit occasionally? To pass by on the way to more important things? Think about it. The answer that you give yourself is the answer you will live by and your answer will have eternal consequences. Think about it. Eternity is a long time.

To abide or not to abide, that is the question.