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Buck Jacob's Life

Buck’s Life – 70 years of pictures

About Buck Jacobs

The best thing about me is my family. I have had more than I deserve of business success and had access to all the shiny things that the world can give. But nothing can compare to the love and appreciation that I share with my family. I am in an enviable position in that I envy no man and would not trade my life for any other. I have what I believe most of us search for; a great family life, a measure of respect from my peers, and work that I don’t have to do but do because I love it and believe that I have been created to do it. I’m not rich but I am extremely wealthy. (See Wealth vs Riches – God’s Level Playing Field)

All of this has come from the day in 1973 when I gave my life To Jesus Christ and stepped onto His narrow path. Following Him is the source of my joy and His grace has given me all that I care about and abundance beyond my need.

Some of you might be interested in a brief overview of my career path   God led me to start The C12 Group, LLC,  in 1992, Before that I served as Board Director and Vice-President of Sales of the S.H. Mack Company in St. Charles, Illinois.  During my ten-year association with the Mack Company we experienced a ten-fold increase in sales and saw the global development of a successful Christ-centered business which was later sold to a large public company.  During this time, the Mack Company was a founding member of The Fellowship of Companies for Christ International (FCCI). After the sale I moved to Florida and later served as the Florida Director for FCCI.

From our company bio: “Buck is Chairman of the Board and Founder of The C12 Group, LLC and has written several books and feature magazine articles, including A Light Shines Bright in Babylon – A Handbook for Christian Business Owners, A Strategic Plan for Ministry, The Parable of The Janitor and the CEO – all available by visiting C12’s online store

Buck’s earlier experiences include:

  • Managing Director (CEO) of Sta-Power Italia, Spa.,  Rome, Italy, a supplier of automotive aftermarket chemicals.
  • CEO of The Executive Development Institute, with responsibility for 20 district offices, 50 sales trainers and 8,000 direct sales people.
  • CEO, President and Director of R.G. Haskins/N.A. Strand Corp., a manufacturer of specialty machine tools.

I currently live in Cornelia, Georgia, 85 miles northeast of Atlanta. I am happily married to Bonnie for 35 years, have three lovely daughters married for life to three great guys, five “way above average” grandsons, and one very huggable granddaughter.