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What do they see?

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Today my daughter Leah sent me a note over this saying: “Thought of ya’ll when I read this…”

Precious Time

The picture is still clear. My dad sitting in his chair. The soft glow of the lamp shinning on him. His eyes closed in prayer, his bible open on his lap, the coffee cup on the stand. This is what I saw every morning. Every morning from the time I can remember.
He is still doing this. When my children stay at Hawpaw and Mamaw’s house this is what they see when they wake up.
Time with the Lord.
Precious time.

This is what I want my kids to remember. I want them to see that time with the Lord is most important. Not computers, not TV, not the phone.
“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”
Matthew 6:33 esv

I pray that they will long to store the word in their hearts.
“I have stored up your word in my heart,that I might not sin against you.”
Psalm 119:11 esv

I pray that they will know that the Word is their guide.
“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”
Psalm 119:105 esv

They are watching!

They are listening.

What are you showing them is most important?

This is why I don’t mind if I am called “Quiet time Buck.” Thank you Father, you didn’t have to show this to Leah, and she sure didn’t have to send it to me. A touch of Your Grace, a whisper of your love!

Friends, give the first hour of your day to Jesus. It will be returned to you, multiplied in ways you can’t imagine!

Here’s a Flash!

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When a group of believers gather for or to worship it isn’t about what pleases them it’s about what pleases God! When they gather the purpose is to equip them for the work of ministry not to preach the gospel to unbelievers who might happen to be there. Get a grip! Where is the church?????

We’re Rich – Why Aren’t We Happy?

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Listen to a word from A.W.Tozer;

” I want to bring you my postulate that most present-day Christians live sub-Christian lives. As a result, Christianity has been watered down until the solution is so weak that if it were poison it would not hurt anyone and if it were medicine it would not cure anyone.

Most Christians are not joyful persons because they are not holy persons, and they are not holy persons because they are not filled with the Holy Spirit, and they are not filled with the Holy Spirit because they are not separated persons.

The Spirit cannot fill whom He cannot separate, and whom He cannot fill, He cannot make Holy, and whom He cannot make holy, He cannot make happy.

My postulate further insists that the average modern Christian is not Christ-like. The proof of this is apparent in the disposition we find among the children of God. They have moral weakness and suffer frequent defeats. They have a dulled understanding and often live far below the standard of the Scriptures and thus outside of the will of God.

To be honest, let us admit that the application of the gospel is being pulled down to the standard of the most carnal, the cheapest saintling hanging on by the teeth anywhere in the kingdom of God.”

Mr.Tozer has been with the Lord for over 50 years! Imagine what he might say were he able to observe the churches of today! By trying to be “relevant” we are indeed compromising the Scriptural standard to be comfortable for “the most carnal” among us. We don’t call sin sin, we don’t speak against abortion or the homosexual life CHOICE, we glorify the numbers of lukewarm seekers any gifted presenter can gather as proof of the “success” of his church, and justify materialistic living as proof of God’s blessing. We have lost our influence in the public square and are being gradually marginalized out of existence following our European forefathers path.

I wonder what A.W. would have to say today?

Heaven? – A Reality Check

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Some Jesus lovers are said to be “so heavenly minded that they are of no earthly good.” That’s usually said about someone who loves Jesus a bit more than we do. The truth is however, that in contemporary Christian church culture the opposite is true. Most are so earthly minded they are no heavenly good! Chew on that a bit. The reality of heaven and hell have been diminished in our culture to the point of irrelevance. This is tragic because; “We are not physical beings who have occasional  spiritual experiences, we are spirit beings who are having a TEMPORARY physical experience.” T. DeChardin.

The evil one has implanted such distortion in our perception of reality! We need to step back and refocus, rethink, and in many of our lives redirect our energy.

One step in that process might be to spend some time learning about our true home, heaven. If you resonate with the brief introductory challenge you might well find the following outline helpful and actually very exciting. The more we learn of what our real home is truly like the less we will feel the need to hang on to this sin-scarred place. For your eternal blessing:



What is heaven like?



  1. Beautiful beyond imagination – 1 Corinth. 2:9 – Rev. 21-22
  2. A place where our home will be – John 14:2
  3. A place with no night or day, lighted by the presence of God and Jesus – Rev.21:23


Emotionally – What won’t be there?

  1. Hunger or thirst – Rev.7:16,17
  2. Tears – Rev 21:4 – What causes tears?
  3. Death – Rev 21:4 – What causes death?
  4. Sorrow – Rev21:4 – What causes sorrow?
  5. Crying – Rev 21:4 – What causes crying?
  6. Pain – Rev 21:4 – What causes Pain? (3 kinds of pain – Physical. Emotional. Spiritual.)
  7. Curse – Rev 22:3 – no more curse – What are the effects of the “Curse” – (Gen. 3:15-24)


Relationally – If all of the above is true, and all those things and all that causes them are gone, what kind of relationships will exist in heaven? What things hinder or hurt relationships on earth as we experience this temporary physical experience?

  1. selfish agendas
  2. love with strings
  3. jealousy, envy
  4. manipulation
  5. bitterness
  6. dishonesty
  7. unforgiveness
  8. disappointment
  9. comparison, competition


What would a perfect relationship be like?

  1. no strings
  2. no hang-ups
  3. no jealousy
  4. no competition or comparison
  5. total acceptance
  6. total transparency
  7. no hidden or selfish agenda
  8. other…


In heaven we will have nothing less than or other than perfect relationships. Not only that, there won’t even be the possibility of any thing that hurts!!! How much time and effort do we spend now in trying to protect ourselves against those things that hurt?!!!!!



Who will we relate to/with in Heaven?

  1. God, our Father, Jesus our Savior, The holy Spirit, the angels, the Saints who are our brothers and sisters – Our ultimate family!


What will I be like in Heaven?

  1. I John 3:2
  2. Luke 24:16 & 36-43
  3. John 20:16 – John 20:27
  4. Luke 16_19-31
  5. I Cornith. 15:35-49


God created us to be human. Why would He save us to be something totally different? We will be a new and changed us, not a different kind of us. A new car is still a car.


What will we do in Heaven?

  1. a. We will reign with Jesus – II Timothy 2:12 – Rev 3:21 – (reign – The exercise of sovereign power)
  2. We will rule over “many things” – Matthew 25:14-21,23 (rule –

1. to exercise control, dominion, or direction over, to govern)

2. governing power or its possession or use; authority

3. to dominate by powerful influence

4. to decide or declare judicially or authoritatively; decree

5. to be in total control or command, exercise supreme authority.)

  1. c. We will “have authority” over cities.” Luke 19:17-19 (authority – the power to enforce laws, exact obedience command, determine or judge; power assigned by another, authorization)
  2. d. We will serve Jesus – Rev 7:15 – Rev 22:3 (serve –
    1. 1. To work for
    2. 2. To be a servant to
    3. 3. To give homage and obedience
    4. 4. To be employed as a servant
    5. 5. To act in a particular capacity
    6. 6. To meet requirements or needs


What about rewards? Are there rewards in Heaven?

  1. Matt.6:1-19 – Matt 10:41,42 – Matt 19:21
  2. Hebrews 11:6
  3. Luke 14:12-14 –12:33 – 18:22 – 6:21-23
  4. John 6:27
  5. Mark 9:41 – 10:21


What are rewards? Define: Something earned or attained by or for specific performance, behavior, actions.


The law of rewards: Our faith determines our eternal destination. Our behavior determines our eternal rewards.


Works = what we have done with our resources (time, energy, money, possessions, reputation, etc.).


What determines rewards? The “Bema” judgment of “works.” “Things done in the Body


  1. Matt. 16:27, Luke 12:48
  2. John 5:28,29
  3. Matt 7:24-26
  4. Rev 20:22-15
  5. II Corinth. 5:10
  6. Romans 14:12
  7. Matt 12:36
  8. I Corinth 3:11-15
  9. John 15:1-8


What is “fruit?” Eternal fruit = Lives turned toward God Fruit is the result of “good works.”


What does God say about works?

  1. Titus 1:15,16 – 2:7 – 2:14 – 3:14
  2. Matt 5:16
  3. Ephesians 2:10
  4. I Timothy 2:10 – 6:18,19
  5. II Thessalonians 2:16,17
  6. Rev. 14:13 – Rev 2:2 Rev 2:23 Rev 19:7,8
  7. II Peter 1:10,11
  8. II Timothy 3:16,17 – I Timothy 5:254



How then shall we live? Our answers will demonstrate our true values and create the basis for our eternal experience.

Think friends, please think!