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A Thought for Each Day

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As you go about our Father’s business today remember this “It matters not if the world has heard, or approves, or understands; the only applause that we’re to seek is the applause of nail-scarred hands.” Anon

Salvation without Lordship???

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A.W. Tozer says: “A whole new generation of Christians has come up believing that one can “accept” Christ without forsaking the world….The error today is that we do not expect a converted man to be a transformed man, and as a result of this error our churches a re full of substandard Christians. Many of these go on day by day assuming that salvation is possible without repentance and that they can find some value in religeon without righteousness.

A revival is, among other things, a return to the belief that real faith invariably produces holiness of heart and righteousness of life!”

If you know that He is righteous, you know that everyone who practices righteousness is born of Him. I Peter 2:29

Christian! Stand up, stand strong, do what is right, and never quit! We will always have all we need to do His will. Press on! Stand out! And let your righteousness be shown in your good works!

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Heaven? – A Reality Check

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Some Jesus lovers are said to be “so heavenly minded that they are of no earthly good.” That’s usually said about someone who loves Jesus a bit more than we do. The truth is however, that in contemporary Christian church culture the opposite is true. Most are so earthly minded they are no heavenly good! Chew on that a bit. The reality of heaven and hell have been diminished in our culture to the point of irrelevance. This is tragic because; “We are not physical beings who have occasional  spiritual experiences, we are spirit beings who are having a TEMPORARY physical experience.” T. DeChardin.

The evil one has implanted such distortion in our perception of reality! We need to step back and refocus, rethink, and in many of our lives redirect our energy.

One step in that process might be to spend some time learning about our true home, heaven. If you resonate with the brief introductory challenge you might well find the following outline helpful and actually very exciting. The more we learn of what our real home is truly like the less we will feel the need to hang on to this sin-scarred place. For your eternal blessing:



What is heaven like?



  1. Beautiful beyond imagination – 1 Corinth. 2:9 – Rev. 21-22
  2. A place where our home will be – John 14:2
  3. A place with no night or day, lighted by the presence of God and Jesus – Rev.21:23


Emotionally – What won’t be there?

  1. Hunger or thirst – Rev.7:16,17
  2. Tears – Rev 21:4 – What causes tears?
  3. Death – Rev 21:4 – What causes death?
  4. Sorrow – Rev21:4 – What causes sorrow?
  5. Crying – Rev 21:4 – What causes crying?
  6. Pain – Rev 21:4 – What causes Pain? (3 kinds of pain – Physical. Emotional. Spiritual.)
  7. Curse – Rev 22:3 – no more curse – What are the effects of the “Curse” – (Gen. 3:15-24)


Relationally – If all of the above is true, and all those things and all that causes them are gone, what kind of relationships will exist in heaven? What things hinder or hurt relationships on earth as we experience this temporary physical experience?

  1. selfish agendas
  2. love with strings
  3. jealousy, envy
  4. manipulation
  5. bitterness
  6. dishonesty
  7. unforgiveness
  8. disappointment
  9. comparison, competition


What would a perfect relationship be like?

  1. no strings
  2. no hang-ups
  3. no jealousy
  4. no competition or comparison
  5. total acceptance
  6. total transparency
  7. no hidden or selfish agenda
  8. other…


In heaven we will have nothing less than or other than perfect relationships. Not only that, there won’t even be the possibility of any thing that hurts!!! How much time and effort do we spend now in trying to protect ourselves against those things that hurt?!!!!!



Who will we relate to/with in Heaven?

  1. God, our Father, Jesus our Savior, The holy Spirit, the angels, the Saints who are our brothers and sisters – Our ultimate family!


What will I be like in Heaven?

  1. I John 3:2
  2. Luke 24:16 & 36-43
  3. John 20:16 – John 20:27
  4. Luke 16_19-31
  5. I Cornith. 15:35-49


God created us to be human. Why would He save us to be something totally different? We will be a new and changed us, not a different kind of us. A new car is still a car.


What will we do in Heaven?

  1. a. We will reign with Jesus – II Timothy 2:12 – Rev 3:21 – (reign – The exercise of sovereign power)
  2. We will rule over “many things” – Matthew 25:14-21,23 (rule –

1. to exercise control, dominion, or direction over, to govern)

2. governing power or its possession or use; authority

3. to dominate by powerful influence

4. to decide or declare judicially or authoritatively; decree

5. to be in total control or command, exercise supreme authority.)

  1. c. We will “have authority” over cities.” Luke 19:17-19 (authority – the power to enforce laws, exact obedience command, determine or judge; power assigned by another, authorization)
  2. d. We will serve Jesus – Rev 7:15 – Rev 22:3 (serve –
    1. 1. To work for
    2. 2. To be a servant to
    3. 3. To give homage and obedience
    4. 4. To be employed as a servant
    5. 5. To act in a particular capacity
    6. 6. To meet requirements or needs


What about rewards? Are there rewards in Heaven?

  1. Matt.6:1-19 – Matt 10:41,42 – Matt 19:21
  2. Hebrews 11:6
  3. Luke 14:12-14 –12:33 – 18:22 – 6:21-23
  4. John 6:27
  5. Mark 9:41 – 10:21


What are rewards? Define: Something earned or attained by or for specific performance, behavior, actions.


The law of rewards: Our faith determines our eternal destination. Our behavior determines our eternal rewards.


Works = what we have done with our resources (time, energy, money, possessions, reputation, etc.).


What determines rewards? The “Bema” judgment of “works.” “Things done in the Body


  1. Matt. 16:27, Luke 12:48
  2. John 5:28,29
  3. Matt 7:24-26
  4. Rev 20:22-15
  5. II Corinth. 5:10
  6. Romans 14:12
  7. Matt 12:36
  8. I Corinth 3:11-15
  9. John 15:1-8


What is “fruit?” Eternal fruit = Lives turned toward God Fruit is the result of “good works.”


What does God say about works?

  1. Titus 1:15,16 – 2:7 – 2:14 – 3:14
  2. Matt 5:16
  3. Ephesians 2:10
  4. I Timothy 2:10 – 6:18,19
  5. II Thessalonians 2:16,17
  6. Rev. 14:13 – Rev 2:2 Rev 2:23 Rev 19:7,8
  7. II Peter 1:10,11
  8. II Timothy 3:16,17 – I Timothy 5:254



How then shall we live? Our answers will demonstrate our true values and create the basis for our eternal experience.

Think friends, please think!




The Moment – Live it!

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When Moses asked God who he should tell the children of Israel sent him to them, God told Moses to say, “Tell them I AM has sent me to you.” When God refers to Himself He always uses the present tense. God is always present tense, in Himself He is never past or future, always present. God isn’t contained by time; time is contained in God. Time doesn’t limit God, God limits time.

We are in a unique condition as we read this material, a condition that is temporary but very significant, a condition that, in all of eternity, we shall only experience once. We are as we are because God has created us to be so. He has chosen to create us to be, at this moment, spirit beings that temporarily inhabit a human body. We will not be forever as we are now. A day will come when each of us will end this human life experience and we will go on to another experience of life called eternal life. But, for the moment, we are living in the human experience of life.

During our human experience we have spiritual experiences because we are spirit beings in our essence. The part of us that really matters is our spirit.

There is now a part of us that says with God, “I AM.” We could go on, but our point today is not to do deep theological exposition on the subject, although we pray to have piqued some interest along the way that may lead to deeper study, but to lay the groundwork for establishing a different way of seeing the mundane of life. After all most of what we do appears to be mundane. Perhaps by lifting our eyes to the infinite we can learn to see the mundane differently. And if we learn to see the infinite in the mundane, then the mundane will never be truly mundane to us again.

Our great need is to see God in the mundane. Our failing is that we tend to only look for Him in the extraordinary or the obviously spiritual realms of life. Because we do, we miss so much!

God uses the ordinary circumstance of life to reveal His extraordinary glory and grace.

Where is He when we spill our coffee? He is there, telling us to laugh at ourselves, that it is no big deal. He is using the circumstance to build the character of Jesus in us, to conform us to His image. Circumstances reveal our inner selves. Our reactions to them allow God to show us our need for Him and to experience our unity with Him, if we will let Him.

Where is God in a demanding customer? Why doesn’t He just handle it when we need Him to? Why does He allow us to hire brothers-in-law who He knows won’t work out?

Can you begin to get a sense of the difference it would make if we could learn to see the glory of God in the moment?

The basis for all discontent and all unhappiness is unwillingness to be content in the present moment.

Joy, peace, contentment, love, happiness and every good thing exist only in the moment. Life in this human form is composed of a series of frustratingly variable trials and problems, interrupted by momentary respites of serendipitous glimpses of grace. No one gets a pass. The rain falls on the just and the unjust and the sun shines on wicked and good alike.  Most days are a combination of problems and trials galore with God always present, and His glory always just a choice away.

Victor Frankl was a Jewish man sent to the Nazi concentration camp at Aushwitz during WW II. He made a profound discovery during the horrible trial of deprivation and torture that he experienced there. He realized that he was helpless at the hand of his captors in all ways save one. They could take away everything material, they could torture his body, and they could kill him if they chose. But they could never take away his freedom to choose his response to what they did to him. He survived, and after the war taught others about what he learned to call the moment between action and reaction. It is in this moment, he taught, brief as it may be, that we choose our reaction. We own that moment. No one can take that moment from us.

Now, if Victor Frankl could use that moment to choose his reactions to the brutality being forced upon him and survive, could we learn to use it to see the glory of God in our moment in the midst of the tests and trials of this human life? We can, indeed we can. And as we do, life is transformed, changed in an instant from mundane to sublime.

Practice taking God into the present moment. For the next week or so, stop in the middle of something and mentally realize that, at this moment, you are One with God. You in Him and He in you. Let His glory overcome the circumstance and capture the moment. It’s all we have and He is all we need.