It’s Here! “I, Radical – The story of a radical God’s work through an ordinary man” is now available!

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About four years ago I was prompted to think about the difficulty of trans-generational transfer of faith. Reading in the Old Testament about the problems that many of the Kings and prophets had with some of their sons got me started. It’s not a given you know, actually the record is not that good. (Think David/Absalom) And then I thought I heard God whisper, “What about your grandchildren Buck? How are they going to know how I changed your life?” As I reflected on the question I realized that two of my three daughters and all of my grandchildren had been born after Jesus had saved and changed me and, if nothing happened, they would never hear the story of the change that Jesus made in my heart and life, let alone the miracles He’s done to provide and lead me in the 40+ years since. I knew they would never sit still long enough for me to really tell them and yet… there was so much that I would want them to know. That’s when the whisper said, “Write a book for them.” And that’s how it started. I did write a manuscript and sort of sat on it for a season. I shared the manuscript with a few trusted friends and their consensus was “This needs to be shared!” Without going into all the details, God connected me with Kenneth Overman, a professional biographer, and “I, Radical” is the result of our collaboration. It is the original manuscript expanded to include the details of how The C12 Group started and how The Lord has grown it over the past 22+ years to be the largest provider of CEO roundtable groups to Christian business owners and CEOs in the nation serving thousands of members in over 30 states through well over a hundred and fifty groups. It is in many ways “A book of remembrance.”

Here is a quote from the back page of I,Radical:

“I will always have all I need to do all God wants!”

“Now that’s a pretty radical statement don’t you think? And yet it has been my way of life for over forty years. Think about that. For over forty years I have trusted in God in Christ to provide all that I have needed to feed and support my family, care for my personal needs, and to supply all I’ve needed in starting and growing a business that has become a national leader in its market-space. And now, as a 76 year-old, I am trusting Him to give me His strength and all I need to finish the race that He set before me, and to finish it strong! Yes, I realize that is radically different thinking from the norm in our culture, even our evangelical Christian church culture. But I’ve bet my life on the truth of that simple statement and this book is my story.

I’m an ordinary man who failed at most of the most important things in life until Jesus Christ reached down to me and saved me. My life changed forever on November 18, 1973 when I responded to the gospel and said to Jesus ” Lord, if this is real, and You died on the cross so that I could be forgiven for my sin, and You want my life, You can have it and I will do whatever You want with the rest of it.” I had no idea what that might mean or what would happen or how good an “abundant life” could be. I know now. Jesus, that’s how. Jesus is the answer. It is just that radically simple. I gave Him my life forty years ago and this is the story of what He has done with an ordinary man who trusts Him.”

It’s been quite a trip! I’d love to share it with you! If you would like to order a copy just click on the book and the link will take you to an order page.

How far down is far enough?

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thumbnailCABXYTLMAmerica! How far down the slippery slope must we go before you wake up? How many times does the empty suit in the White House have to back off, back down, sell out, kiss up, lie, cheat, or set one class against another before you wake up? You bought a dream that was a mirage and worse a deliberate deception. Don’t you care? Are you really for sale for the empty promise of a free lunch? Well the chickens are coming home to roost. Wake up!

CHURCH!!! Where were you?

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So, we have just reelected a man who stands squarely with the murderers of children and the heroes of homosexuality. Way to go Church! He couldn’t have done it without you! Aren’t you proud of the country that you are shaping, or maybe not shaping, by your essential silence and compromise? On your way to worship the Baals are you deaf to God’s Word? I am sick in heart today, not because Mr. Obama won, I haven’t trusted in government for a long time, but for what his victory tells me about you Church. I knew you were sick but I didn’t know how sick. Well, just go on pretending, playing church with your fancy buildings and your blaring praise teams.Be more and more like the world you love and don’t complain when your fruit turns rotten and the Lord’s judgement finally falls on this nation that began so well. Stay with your glib pastors who let you sip milk and never challenge your carnal choices. Be careful to fit in and go with the flow. Vote for the promising posers who tickle your ears and wallet. Church! Where were you yesterday? Where are you today?

Blood in the ballot box!

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Brothers and sisters in Christ! Let this be a warning to any and all who are planning vote for Mr. Obama! Understand the eternal ramifications of your vote. If he is elected he will most likely appoint 2-4 ultra-liberal Supreme Court judges during his second term. This will mean that there is no chance of overturning Roe vs Wade for 20 or more years. 20,000,0000 or more pre-born children will be murdered as a result. Abortion is America’s national shame! Your vote will indicate that you stand with Mr. Obama and the Democratic Party in the anti-Christ positions they have taken on abortion and same sex marriage as well. It is astonishing that any Christian could even consider voting for such a man or party.

It is true that no one vote will determine the election. But let me assure you as well, that as your vote will be recorded in the voting machine or ballot you mark, it will also be recorded in heaven. Can you, are you prepared, to look Jesus in the face and say “But Lord, I got free medical care!” A vote to continue to murder the innocent will put their blood on your hands. We have a choice. We express our stand with our vote. If we Christians will not stand up for righteousness who will? And if not now, when????? How many must be sacrificed before we notice the blood?