One Life – The pressure of the “Immoral Woman” is all around us!

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Further from Proverbs 7 – Verse 12 describes”the immoral woman” as “lurking at every corner.” Verse 7 describes her victim as “a young man devoid of understanding.” In this current age so many of us are the “young man.” The world has its own agenda, constantly offering alternatives to God and His way in life, and it is sometimes subtly, sometimes not so subtly, but always constantly, pressing its false promises against us as the harlot in the 7th chapter presses her charms against the “young man.” She knew his weaknesses and used them against him until he went for her and then “an arrow pierced his liver.” The world presses against us as water presses against a dam and an arrow waits for those of us who listen to her as well.
Water presses against a dam in a totally committed search for a weak spot. The pressure of the water never goes away or diminishes. If a weak spot appears the water increases pressure just there until a breach can be made. If a breach occurs water then rushes through it to expand the breach. The goal of water is ultimately to totally destroy the dam and remove every trace of it. Water has ne mercy for the dam. The “world” has no mercy for its victims either.
The world presses against us young men in the same way. The “immoral woman” that tempts and attracts us comes disguised as things like “a perfumed bed covered with tapestry and Egyptian linen” or in “enticing speech” using “flattering lips.” Often she presents herself as religious having “paid my vows.” All are designed to lead us into her trap. In our contemporary culture she tempts us with “stuff” and “status.” We could make a more definitive list but at the root we will find pride, pleasure, and the need for approval, which can only truly be found in God, but which “the immoral woman” promises but can never deliver.
In American culture the “immoral woman” works through creating discontent in the midst of the richest culture ever. We have more but she says it is never good enough and we believe her. In reality she tells us the God doesn’t love us enough to give us what we need to be happy but she will! She lies, she can’t and won’t. But almost every ad and cultural standard or measure supports her claims. More is always better and so is bigger or more expensive. All lies.
The devil is behind the “immoral woman.” Since the Garden of Eden he has used disguises to offer alternatives to God and His way in life. From the Garden to this day these disguises have two primary purposes; either to steal our salvation or to steal our joy, destiny, or eternal rewards if he can’t divert us from God’s only true path to “life abundant.” If we are lost he offers plausible alternative religious schemes, once we are saved he offers distractions, dilution, distortion through the “immoral woman.”
The best life that can be found on earth is found only on “the narrow path.” The “immoral woman” stands just off to one side and beckons us, “Come over here, it’s better here and you will find the pleasure and fulfillment that you seek. Don’t listen to God (”my husband is not at home and we will have all night!”) He is way out there and much later!” Some young men, only a relative few really, see The Bitch for who she really is and turn away. They set their plumb line down the center of the narrow path and press toward the one who stands at its end. She calls but they recognize her lies and press on. They keep their eyes on the real prize and won’t settle for the counterfeit.
So, how about you and I? Are we deceived into thinking that we can dance with her but not take the next step? Are we willing to hold hands but no kissing? Well, maybe a kiss or two but nothing more? Don’t go there! Jesus says this:” Do not let your heart turn aside to her ways, do not stray into her paths;” She has wounded and destroyed many strong men and “her house is the way to hell, descending into the chambers of death.” Stay on the narrow path, flush the floozy, and press on! The Bema awaits!