It’s Over – I’m Done

By June 26, 2015 No Comments

It all began to fall apart in 1949 but no one noticed or paid it much attention.

From the founding of our Democratic Republic the Supreme Court had been the bastion of defense of the Constitution that the founders of our  nation created to maintain and safeguard the vision that led them to risk all they had to come out of tryany and create a new nation and a new dream of a government of the people, by the people, for the people. They knew the nature of man would tend toward selfish manipulation of rules to gain personal power and to subject the majority to the tryany of a powerful minority. They were god-fearing men. History informed them and they dtermined to learn from it.

They created the Constitution to be a guide that could only be changed by a process that included the votes of the people through ammendment apart from the government itself. The Supreme Court was to be the ultimate arbiter over the laws that the legislative and execuitive branches passed to maintain coherence with the Constitution and its ammendments. For almost 200 years it worked very well and every Supreme Court decision was based on precedent of prior decisions or, if there were no clear precedents, the default was the intent of the writers of the Constitution.

Then it happened. In 1949 the court made the first of what is, or was to be called, an ex-nihlio decision, ex nilhilo is Latin meaning “from nothing. Few noticed or understood what had happened, but with that decision our democratic republic began to crumble. The authority of the Constitution was effectively set aside and only the opinion of 5 unelected judges would rule the nation. From that decision the SCOTUS broke with precedent and forbid Bible reading and prayer in public schools. They discerned a right to kill unborn babies as a matter of privacy. They redefined a mandate to be a tax and they arrogantly ruled that the clear language of a law duly passed by the congress and signed by the president didn’t matter, and that they could rule based on their supposed discernemnt of the real intent of the written words used in the law to be different, opposite in fact, from the words they used. Garbage. Today the Supreme Court of The United States ┬áruled with breathtaking hubris that marriage as we know it is history and as if by legislative fiat made same-sex marriage the law of the land. We are undone. There is no longer a trustworthy defender of the rule of law. In truth we haven’t had one for a long time and without one it’s all about politics, money, and power.

My respect for the institutions of our government, the congress, the presidency, and the Supreme Court has ever so slowly been worn away and I have none left. I grew up as a patriot. My father served in WWII my uncle died in it. I listened to the president pray for our nation every week in his radio address. I prayed for our victory over evil every night and I still choke up when I hear Taps or The National Anthem. I wanted to believe that America was exceptional and that we were governed by men and women of great character and ideals, and the greatest of them were Supreme Court justices. No more. They are venal men and women. We will never return to the vision of our founders. America has joined Greece and Rome as failed experiments. The return of Jesus is the only true hope for man. Men can’t rule themselves without God. At 76 years old I realize that I have been a fool to have believed they could or would.