So, we have just reelected a man who stands squarely with the murderers of children and the heroes of homosexuality.

Way to go Church!

He couldn’t have done it without you! Aren’t you proud of the country that you are shaping, or maybe not shaping, by your essential silence and compromise?

On your way to worship the Baals are you deaf to God’s Word?

I am sick in heart today, not because Mr. Obama won, I haven’t trusted in government for a long time, but for what his victory tells me about you Church. I knew you were sick but I didn’t know how sick.

Well, just go on pretending, playing church with your fancy buildings and your blaring praise teams.

Be more and more like the world you love and don’t complain when your fruit turns rotten and the Lord’s judgment finally falls on this nation that began so well. Stay with your glib pastors who let you sip milk and never challenge your carnal choices.

Be careful to fit in and go with the flow.

Vote for the promising posers who tickle your ears and wallet. Church! Where were you yesterday? Where are you today?