Blood in the ballot box!

By November 5, 2012 No Comments

Brothers and sisters in Christ! Let this be a warning to any and all who are planning vote for Mr. Obama! Understand the eternal ramifications of your vote. If he is elected he will most likely appoint 2-4 ultra-liberal Supreme Court judges during his second term. This will mean that there is no chance of overturning Roe vs Wade for 20 or more years. 20,000,0000 or more pre-born children will be murdered as a result. Abortion is America’s national shame! Your vote will indicate that you stand with Mr. Obama and the Democratic Party in the anti-Christ positions they have taken on abortion and same sex marriage as well. It is astonishing that any Christian could even consider voting for such a man or party.

It is true that no one vote will determine the election. But let me assure you as well, that as your vote will be recorded in the voting machine or ballot you mark, it will also be recorded in heaven. Can you, are you prepared, to look Jesus in the face and say “But Lord, I got free medical care!” A vote to continue to murder the innocent will put their blood on your hands. We have a choice. We express our stand with our vote. If we Christians will not stand up for righteousness who will? And if not now, when????? How many must be sacrificed before we notice the blood?