10 out of 12 Missed it!

By September 24, 2012 No Comments

4000 Evangelical churches will close their doors this year and there will be only 1000 new plants. Our numbers are slipping not only in total but as a percentage of the population. We are in trouble but there is hope! With God there is always hope! 12 leaders were selected to go and “spy out the land” that God had promised to give the nation. 10 of the 12 missed it because they saw through worldly eyes and were blinded to God’s reality. Because of the blindness of the 10 carried the day with the population they were all sent to walk in a dry, dusty desert for 40 years.Today, those who think that the “invite your friends and neighbors to church so they can hear the gospel and be saved” model will win the world to Christ are like the 10 – It isn’t God’s plan. The local church was never designed to be be God’s primary tool for evangelism, it was designed to be God’s primary tool for discipleship and the equipping the saints for the “work of ministry.” The ministry is what happens through the saints as they live and relate with others outside of the walls of the church Mon-Sat There is hope if we revert to God’s plan. It’s plainly given in His Word. (Ephesian 4:11,12 – Acts 2:42-46)